Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Unbeatables!!!!!

True Friends are indeed hard to find. But, I'm so glad to have found these incredible people....
Last December 2, 2008 we had a dinner date, Noy & I, Kuya Sid & Ate Dolly, Gon & Bam. We ate at Jacksridge then we had desserts at Karlo's Coffee Corner. We had a lot of fun by merely just updating each other's lives. FYI, ate dolly or ate dadal is leaving for Guam on January 2 and she's only here in davao for her medical check-ups, so we grabbed every opportunity we had to spend time with her.

Here are some of our pics... Enjoy!!!

These next few pics are my work of art!!!! You see, I'm a frustrated photographer!!!

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D said...

Sarap ng desserts! Yum!=)