Saturday, December 6, 2008

Candid Picture Tag

This is a tag from my friends Dara and Marie. Thanks for this tag guys...

(Took this picture when i arrived home from a party. As much as i would like to take a candid picture of me after getting out of the bed, i can't coz it's only 10 in the evening!!!!)


1. Take a picture right NOW!!!

2. DON'T change your clothes, DON'T fix your hair... Just take a picture.

3. Post that picture with NO editing.

4. Post these instructions with your picture.

5. Tag your friends.

Now it's your turn guys. I'm passing this tag to you Grace, Mel, Badz, Heart2Heart, Shy. Enjoy!!!!


benchiegrace said...

wow, your learning na happy that you like the idea about blogging..goodluck sa ato pagka blogger...congrats and keep up the goodwork!

D said...

hehe, thanks for posting the tag Weng.=) How long is your hair now? You still look good after 3 years since we graduated, and happier too. And I know who the reason behind it is;) hehehe When's the wedding ba? I can't wait to see your pics! :D

W E N G said...

hello dar! wedding is on the 30th... hair is near the waist line level...