Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Happy Birthday Jesus! Let us all celebrate this special day full of hope. Together, let us thank the Lord for His great love for us. Let us also remember those people who have nothing and no one this Christmas. Let us pray for those people who are sick and hurting.
May this season be the reason the whole world will unite. Let share and be an instrument of God's love to others. May God bless us All!


Anonymous said...

yes ate where did u take this picture?? it's so nice.. hehe ako spent xmas w/ family as usual we had exchanging gifts and noche buena but my new years celeb here at the office.. ugh, partly sad coz haven't spent it w/ my family but partly glad coz had it w/ my work family atleast new experience... hehe we just watched fireworks outside the bldg on the glass window pajud while working ugh... but ok lng went out 15mins before new year to meet and greet everyone outside the ofc.. hehe just basically had fun too.. ahihi and of course the food had a buffet sa office unlimited but ok lng i was dissappointed abit coz wasn't able to wear polka dots in the office but when i finally got home wore my moms overall polka set and my bedsheet was red polka .. ahihi was glad still got to wear polka on new years eve... ahehe

W E N G said...

the pic was taken at the assumption parish ground! Nice kaayo ang mga lights... Sosyal kaayo!. Christmas na christmas diri!. We spent the new year together. Reunion sa side nila mama diri... We greeted the new year with parlor games and program. Enjoy pud kaayo diri. No time to change into our polka dresses coz everybody was busy over something!