Friday, December 5, 2008

First Day!

Today is actually my first day of work for December. I was absent from work the other night due to cough and severe colds. I'm feeling a little better now. Hyped as i am, I actually woke up at around 5 am! Imagine that? I'm no early bird when it comes to waking up in the morning.*wink*. My friends can attest to that. I guess i miss work a lot that my subconscious mind and my body clock work in accordance. I guess i need more than a luck, for today will be the inauguration of the Dr. Jerry Cunanan's Foundation and i was informed just yesterday afternoon that i will be one of the usherette. Huh? yeah, having this cough and colds makes me feel uncomfortable. Hope to get thru this day smoothly.


Marie said...

It's good that you still got the drive to work which is way diminishing from me now.. ;( by the way, same ta naay cough and colds,hehehe..

Althea Cunanan said...

Hi there, Althea C. here. I may not know you personally, but thanks for helping out during the launch. Hope to see you around MHC. We'd be coming by every once in a while to help out the new office. :)

W E N G said...

Hi there Althea... You're welcome. Mindanao Heart Center has been my second home in the last 2 years. And i really believe that it has change a lot of lives. By the way, im a marisian too...a year older than you.