Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas Wish Granted

In my earlier post, I spilled out my wishes for this Christmas season. On my desire to get everything on my wish list, i stumbled on this amazing site called CEIVA Digital Photo Frame Got A Wish Sweepstakes. No sweat! Wish Granted!

As a kid, Christmas will always be the "Season of Santa Claus". Christmas is never complete if there's no stocking hung on the wall wherein santa will put his precious gifts in the middle of the night. Curious as I was, I dreamt of meeting Santa Claus, talk to to him and tell him everything i really want for christmas. Now with CEIVA, makers of the CEIVA Digital Photo Frames, it allows you upload your photo, that means your favorite, chic, memorable photos you have, and only in a fraction of a section, you will be seeing yourself sitting on Big Santa's Lap. I assure that you will have fun with this one. So Start Uploading your favorite photos and see you wishes unfolding right before you very eyes. So let's start wishing now! Santa has his big lap reserve just for us.

And not only that you enjoy fulfilling your wishes, all the entries of CEIVA Digital Photo Frame will be randomly drawn. One lucky wisher each day will receive $500! Wow! what a great way to enjoy this Christmas Season.


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