Sunday, December 28, 2008

One Big Happy Family

Today is a very special day for us. My brother arrived this afternoon together with his girlfriend. We had a sumptuous dinner that feels like our usual noche buena celebration. After dinner, we had our traditional kris kringle at our living room. We formed a circle and sing the never ending " I love my manita" song. I got the watch i really like and it a gift from my manita ellen. When it was my turn, I gave out a nice, fashionable shorts to suzet. Everybody was so happy while opening their respectives gifts. Oh how i wish that moment would never end. Nothing really compares to celebrating christmas with a complete family.


Anonymous said...

wow ate really>? mark has a gf na? sus how time flies so fast... he was small before or shall i say bata pa but he was already taller than me yet can't imagine naa cya gf.. hehe how about marvin? does he have one too? i hope so.. hehe
i've been missing alot from my davao family... grabe.. murag muhilak njud ko ai.. ahihi -eyah-

W E N G said...

yup mark and marvyn both have love life na... hehehe... we'll davao is missing u much too! when are you coming over?