Thursday, December 4, 2008

NASA & Military Defy Eye Problem

Got an Eye Problem?Are you spending too much on annoying eyeglasses and contact lenses? Then worry no more! As we are now in the modern world, technology innovation is of great help to the betterment of a person's well-being.
A great innovation in the eye industry provides a great deal of solution to people with eye and visual problems. Just to note that this technology has been proven to be very effective, some special government agency like the NASA and the U.S. Military, who are undeniably the government's front liners and whose jobs are physically demanding, had taken advantage of this laser correction technology to improve there visual function.

LASIK information, states that the modern version of the known LASIK technology, now uses two laser as to oppose to the one laser of the earlier technology. During the first stage of treatment, the wave-front technology plots the eye's distinctive character; subsequently an ultra-fast, computer guided laser creates a corneal flap This procedure is brilliantly safe and precise as this is guided by the computer and not the hand held microkeratone blade as what the older version uses. When the corneal flap is made, the wave-front mapping data directs the second laser for vision improvement. This advancement in the eye technology generates a personalized treatment procedure with accurate, safe and beneficial results. A study shows that in 100 military personnel who received the treatment, 95% of them achieved a 20/20 vision. This high percentage only proves that this is the best solution to the visual problems people are facing at present.


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