Saturday, December 6, 2008

Can't Have Enough of your Wish List?

As the days drew nearer, my Christmas wish list is growing by the minute. More and more must-haves keep on popping inside my head. Hang over as you may call it, but I cannot have enough of my experience uploading images to CEIVA Digital Photo Frames. It was indeed fun to upload my pictures when I was a kid, one of the most memorable photos was the one taken by my father with me holding a doll. Dolls play an important role in my formative years. They are my first interaction since i have no playmates then. I was so engross with uploading my pictures and I even had my little nieces see my work on my desktop and they could not believe that I was indeed sitting on Santa Claus' lap. They were so jealous. I also shared some video of it to some of my closest friend and they too were curious about it.
The CEIVA Digital Photo Frames are indeed one best way to fulfill your wishes. Childhood dreams came true with this all new, all original technology. What another brilliant way to express ourselves too! But mind you the fun never stops there! CEIVA Digital Photo Frame users will get a chance to win $500 in there got a wish Sweepstakes. A winner will be drawn daily, more and more Christmas wishes will come true!


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