Monday, December 22, 2008

Getting Comfy with Santa

When I was a kid, Christmas for me means toys, candies and lots of gifts. Our parents told us the story of the birth of Jesus and how the kings at that time went out of their way just to go to the manger where Jesus was born and bring some gifts. My siblings and I were also introduce to one great man, who according to our parents, would give us gifts we really wanted if we will remain to be good boys and girls. Young as we were, we believed the story. My brothers and I hang big socks on our window so as to accommodate Santa Claus' gift for us. I, for one got a wish one fine Christmas. I received a walking and talking doll. I was so delighted with the present that I let the whole neighborhood knew of it. I told myself that someday I'm going to meet Santa and say thank you.
Now that I am older, I still do have wishes. I wish to have the things I really need and somehow would be very useful in my day to day activities. I was trying to canvass on these things over the net when I came across with one particular site that caught my attention, the This site allows viewers to upload photos and turn them into a magical scene with Santa Claus. I really had fun uploading mine and somehow my childhood wish of meeting Santa Claus in flesh came true. Going over the site, I discovered that this amazing site also has a promo contest for Santa friends. An entry will be randomly drawn and is going to win a $500 cash! Would you imagine that? Not only that you'll have the time of your life sitting on Santa's Lap, you will also have the chance to win cold cash! So what are you waiting for! Let's get comfy with Santa!


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