Monday, January 5, 2009

Paradise Getaway!

Last weekend Noy and I treated his family to an overnight stay at Paradise Island Beach Resort. We also invited some of the members of the pop choir to join us. The kids had a lot of fun under the sun while some of the members chose to jam along the shore line, with luigee playing the guitar.
We hit the waters at around 5 pm, when the sun was about to set. We played games and swam like we had never swim before. We had our dinner at around 7:30 pm and had a little chit chatting after.
When everybody hit their mattresses, Luigee and I, opted to build a sand castle. We built it in 4 hours. We we're all please with the result as this is both our childhood dream... to build a big sand castle. We were all the more proud when some of the beach goers asked to have their picture taken beside the castle! Rewarding isn't it?
At around 12 midnight, we rested our tired body. The next day, we left the beach early and head home.

Will be posting the pics soon! i forgot the USB cable at home eh *wink*

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Ronald said...

and nag-enjoy jud ko, even though i only have 15 pesos left in my pocket.. hehehe