Sunday, January 11, 2009

Belated Christmas Party!

Yesterday was The Assumption Parish Pop Choir's Christmas Party. We usually hold our party in January wherein everybody is now free from the hassles and bustles of the Christmas Season. We had fun and lots of fun with our traditional POP CHOIR inter voice caroling and never ending parlor games. We also had the exchanging of gifts with a twist! We were required to bring a P20 worth of gift with a price tag on to prove that is of the exact amount. I received 5 key chains and I gave out a tumbler. Simple yet memorable. We had a simple banquet to start up the party and end the party with dessert munching. We had cake courtesy of one of the birthday celebrants, macaroni salad from the altos, leche flan from the basses, watermelon punch from the sopranos and tropical fresh fruits from the tenors. We head home at around 11:30 in the evening.

The Party Peeps

Plate Relay

Banana Eating Contest

More pictures coming up!!!!

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LIZZIE said...

I think if I ever enter shows like these, I'd fail at the eating part. Especially if they're some weird concoctions of everything! But activities like puzzles n stuff, I like!