Thursday, January 8, 2009

First Flight

Yesterday, January 7 at around 4 in the morning, we headed to the Davao International Airport. It was the scheduled flight of my in-laws for Zamboanga. Some of them was their first time to board the plane. Noy and I were a little bit worried if they will be able to check-in to their respective flight smoothly. I checked out the Cebu Pacific office and lucky to see my cousin who works there is on duty. He accompanied me inside the airport and i was able to help my in-laws in there checking in. Once we were at the boarding area, i saw the excitement in the faces of my nieces. They were s thrilled to ride the plane. I can just recall the same experience during my first flight. Looking at their faces just made me smile and feel content. We actually made this kids' dream come true.

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