Monday, January 12, 2009

Extreme Fear Factor Challenge!

During our Christmas Party, the Extreme Fear Factor Challenge (PoPChoir version) was initiated. 2 teams comprising of 5 members each, competed for a cash price. The group decided that it would be a boys vs. girls game this time. So, the basses and tenor were grouped as one as well as the altos and sopranos. The challenges were indeed challenging. First challenge was the kalamansi eating contest wherein the challenger was required to eat 3 peeled kalamansi! The second challenge was the test of visual acuity and fine motor skill wherein they have to insert a strand of hair into 3 needleholes. Sounds easy but it is actually not, having all the time pressure and the cheers from the group leaves your hands shaking!. Third challenge was the Amplaya juice drinking contest! eeeww! For me this was the hardest challenge. Fourth challenge was the PoP choir puzzle challenge! The puzzle was quite tricky that the challengers from both teams were really having hard time solving it. Then the last challenge was to look for something that is embed in a plate full of flour, an easy but a messy challenge. Everybody was having fun and very game. The boys were declared the winners of the Fear Factor Challenge! Congratulations to the basses and tenors!

Fear Factor Teams

Kalamansi Eating Contest

Through the needle Hole

The Ampalaya Juice Drinking Contest

Solve the PoP Choir Puzzle Challenge

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