Friday, January 2, 2009

Moving Out!

I can't believe I'm actually moving out of the house. I'm getting sentimental because basically I spent my growing up years in this humble house of ours. Ronald told me that if i want, i can take it slow...meaning we can sleep here once in a while until I'm use to be away from home. The idea of leaving home never really sink in because i was too busy preparing for the wedding. Now, that we are finally married, reality bit me hard! I'm actually leaving home! I just hope and pray that things will be easier to handle and eventually I'll get use to it.


Anonymous said...

halu halu halu ate... ;-)
I'm at work as of the moment and teary-eyed coz i miss you so much when i saw your pic and experiences and not only that i missed the most wonderful thing that ever happened to you...huhu When mader called me earlier today then informed me about the wedding... all i ever did was 'sigh'... how could i ever miss the most beautiful experience that happened to my wonderful childhood bestfriend... tsk anyways, so much for the regrets.... hehe
now i'm soo excited to hear about your lifetime experience atleast one of us 'Four-Girls' now finally hit the road and having a lifetime commitment w/ someone so special.. ;-) Happy for you ate.. i'l always be here for you... always keep in touch... i think this is the best way i could give ... love you ate and of course ronald.. please take care of her but i'm sure you'll do no need to remind na...hehe I'm soooo Happy for you ate, you've got everything.. wish you the best of Luck and of course..hmm your mansion ha? bricks ghapon gamiton.. ahihi..
Love you both... mwah .. keep in touch... ;-) -eyah-

LIZZIE said...

I know that living apart from the family whom you've lived practically your whole life with is hard. But maybe moving away could also bring something new, a brighter future for you. You should always look at it at the bright side. And pray that the life you choose will be blessed always.

Anyways, CONGRATULATIONS dear! May the two of you live happily ever after! *^_~*