Thursday, January 29, 2009

Capture and Share!

Have you ever had the feeling of wanting to let your loved ones know how you are doing and feeling at the very moment but could not get through them somehow? Well, I definitely know how it feels. When I'm traveling, I recall that there were instances that I wanted to share to my loved ones the places I've been in and the things I enjoyed but there's no way how. Even though I brought along my digital camera with me, it can only captured the events or the scenarios but not the feeling of wanting to share your happiness or what you truly feel at that very instance.
I am just so glad to encounter something amazing that would answer all of my longings and that is Ceiva digital photo frames. CEIVA now produces a unique line of digital frames that could transform your regular photos into an extraordinary entertainment for your loved ones. Wait! Here's more! CEIVA now has a PicturePlan so that sharing your intimate moments is made easier and very accessible. Along with the plan is an 8-inch picture frame with HIGH DENSITY screen for only $29.99. This unique digital photo frame can readily be connected to an existing phone line and can automatically display photos directly sent to it! This promo is of limited time only, so hurry up!


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