Tuesday, March 3, 2009

TOP 5 Women

Receive this tag from my good friend Grace. Thanks for this one!

Women are said to be weaker ones. Little do we know that women are the strength of every Men. We women maybe physically weak as to compare to men but we can also be strong if the situation calls for it.

Here's my TOP 5 Women

1. My Mom, and all the the mothers in the world. I salute to every sacrifices you made for your loved ones. It proves to show that mothers really is the reflection of someone who loves unconditionally. Thanks Mom!

2. Mother Theresa. Someone I look up to even when I was still a kid. She captured my heart with her selflessly care and compassion to our sick brothers and sisters.

3. Oprah Winfrey. An inspiration to everybody especially those people who shares the same experiences as her. She's a hardworking, strong-willed woman who never forgot her roots and gladly came back to her place to help them. She's not selfish and continuous to share what she has to the less fortunate.

4. Leah Salonga. She's one asset to the country. Very intelligent and very talented. She made the Philippines known to the world when it comes to singing. Every little girls idol.

5. Lisa Macuja-Elizalde. Someone I looked up to when I was just a little girl. For me she was an angel and a fairy in one. Watching her dance made me discover my inner passion for dancing.

Now, It's your turn to give credit to those women who, in one way or another, had a strong impact in your life. Im passing this on to Vinz, Lizzie, Kessa,

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LIZZIE said...

Hi weng..

Thanks for the tag. Will do it when I have time ya. It's been fun reading ur answers dear *^_~*