Thursday, March 26, 2009

Passing thru the Red Light

Last Sunday while driving to the church, I was caught by the TMC with an offense of passing thru the red light. At that very moment, I prayed for calmness and serenity. I never answered him back because aside from being shocked, I respected him because he was in authority. He confiscated my license and gave me a T.O.P. There was nothing I could have done at that very instant, so I drove off. That incident lingered on me throughout the day that I literally ruined my entire day. I shared my experience to my friends and they encouraged me to speak out and question the TMC. The following day, monday, I went to see the cheif of the operations division of our local land transportation office and stated my side. She suggested that we should have a hearing the following day. Tuesday at around 2 pm, the TMC and I met again, I stated my case and he did too. The chief cannot decide who's at fault since we both didn't have a witness to defend our respective sides. Then, she decided to temporarily drop the case. Yesterday, I went back to LTO and so glad to have my license back.

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