Thursday, March 5, 2009

Women vs. Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis was one of my diagnoses when I was hospitalized two weeks ago. At first, I questioned my attending physician how come she diagnosed me with rheumatoid arthritis even though my presenting symptom was basically a flank pain. The pain was throbbing and unbearable and usually peaks early in the morning when the temperature is cold. According to my physician, this kind of arthritis not only affects the joints but basically affects other organs and tissues in the body including the rib cage. She then subjected me to different laboratory work-ups and treatment modalities. I was scheduled to some diagnostic procedure that includes an ultrasound of my kidney, ureter and bladder plus an ultrasound of the pelvis. It was confirmed then that there was really an inflammation and probably the reason of the pain I was complaining about. Having the results at hand, my physician prescribed me with Ciprofloxacin and Celebrex for pain and inflammation. According to her, I need not take the second line of RA drugs since I was able to have my self checked at an early stage, with only a minimal tissue and joint injury. Good thing that these anti-rheumatoid arthritis drugs are now made available in the market. These RA drugs have also been proven to alleviate the symptoms and somehow prevent further discomfort and injury to the tissues and joints. My advise, have an early check up to prevent further tissue and joint damage.


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