Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Yesterday was something I tried for the first time. I only stayed in our home the whole day.... alone. Watched television, read the NEW MOON book, do the dishes and cleaned the sink. I was literally a housewife! Screw me! I was bored to death, no cable tv and pc to divert my boredom. My husband arrived at around 7 pm, we ate dinner and watched the telenovela series over abs-cbn. Ronald went to bed early as he was very exhausted from work. I stayed up to watch SNN. My eyes started to dropped at around 11:30 so I headed to our room. As i lay myself to sleep, I felt tears rush down my eyes. I felt homesicked. I miss my mom and dad! I can't stop crying, tears just flow voluntarily. I woke Ronald up, he was wondering I was crying. I told him i miss my mom!!!! Asked permission to call my parents and he said ok. After I made the call, i was mellowed and eventually slept.

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