Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Forgiveness and Baggage

The story is told of two monks traveling across the countryside. When they came upon a
woman sitting beside a river, they inquired "How may we help you."

"I need to cross the river and I can't," she replied.

The two monks offered to carry her across and proceeded to do just that. Afterward, she
thanked them and they continued on their way.

After a couple of miles, one monk began to complain that his back hurt. After five miles, he
sat down on the ground and threw a pity party. "You know my back really hurts. We shouldn't
have carried that woman across the river - now I'll be sore for days."

The second monk responded, "That's your problem. I sat that lady down five miles ago and
you are still carrying her."

Many of us carry bitterness throughout our entire life. It is unnecessary baggage. We must
learn to forgive.

Contributed by Pastor Karl J Forehand.

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gaga&gaga said...

na lingaw jud mi sa story!:)