Friday, March 20, 2009

HongKong Experience (Ngong Ping 360)

Our first day in Hongkong was full-packed. We went to Tung Chung to meet up with my brother who flew in from Manila with his girlfriend. While waiting for them, we toured the city gate mall. It is a mall with so many outlet stores in it. They have almost all of the branded products there is in the sports and fashion industries. My brother finally arrived at around 11:30, we got our ticket ride to the famous Ngong Ping cable car. It was an enchanting 30 minutes rides. The view from the top is very breathtaking. We arrived at the top and found a very nice mini city with a perfect view of the asia's biggest buddha. We strolled along their busy street and of course took pictures of almost everything we found very fascinating. On our way down, back to Tung Chung, we took a different route, this time it a long and winding bus ride. The trip was so worth it, first, I overcomed my fear of heights then finally being able to have a glimpse of the historical buddha. So worth it!!!

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