Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hongkong Experience (Arrival)

We arrived in Hongkong at around 11:30 in the evening of March 13, friday. The weather was very cold, its like they had a very huge air conditioning system outdoors. I was so impressed with their airport! It is very very huge and neatly organized. It was a little confusing when it comes to signages and instructions because we can't understand Cantonese. *wink* We took the flat escalator for faster travel and upon reaching the immigration booth, we helped ourselves with some of the brochures and maps of Hong Kong. At the immigration department, picture taking is not allowed. I was asked by the one inside the booth of my purpose for the trip and who I was with. Luckily, they let me through. We then headed for the baggage carousel. It was not like here in the Davao, it is a lot bigger and very high tech. After we got all our luggages, we purchased the octupus card for easy access to their mtr system and almost all of their stores their.

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