Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Want to be a Hacker?

After watching Sandra Bullock's phenomenal hit movie, The Net, I just can't help but get impressed on how smart are they with computers and curious of how they go about hacking into other person's computer and alter every important detail in it. I was amazed of how they easily get into another person's file with ease and with out a trace. Aren't you impressed on how they do it? I am. I personally thought that hacking is a very bad thing to do especially if you try to invade and disrupt operations like that of the government or even offices. But how do we do away with these malicious hackers? I encountered the EC-Council while going through the net. The council speaks of and promotes Ethical Hacking. This kind of hacking does not disrupt nor invades other private properties; it works on the legal side by simply counteracting any operations contemplated by the hacker. Aside from the fact that this is a high-paying job, this would also give a big impact on the IT Security as it would cause the illegal hackers to think twice before entering into other property.
To all of you interested, EC-Council is giving out courses that will make you a Certified Ethical Hacker in no time! Other courses they offer include Secure Coding, Security Fundamentals, Computer Forensics and Disaster Recovery. All courses are aimed to a better awareness on the security status of your own personal property and to protect them before it's too late.


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