Sunday, June 7, 2009

Allergy Vs. Food Poisoning

Last friday something happened unexpectedly. My dad and I had fish with rice for a late lunch.I instantaneously noticed the itchy feeling after having a bite or two of the malasugue fish. I asked my dad if he noticed the same thing but there's nothing wrong with the fish. So I assume that since I have hypersensitivity or allergies to seafoods, only my taste buds noticed it. After lunch, I checked my emails then, I started to feel my pulse racing and my vision blurring. I tried to cough as hard as possible. Meanwhile, dad left to buy some motorcycle parts still with no symptoms. After a few minutes of trying to cough out hard in order to breath, I felt like vomiting. So I vomit, it is only then that I realized that I was red all over. It's the same rashes that appears when I eat foods that I am allergic to. I immediately called my dad, asking him how he was feeling. According to him he was fine, I asked him to buy me some medications. Little did I know, when he arrived at the drugstore he was not feeling good himself. He immediately drived home, as fast as he could. When he arrived, he went directly to the lavatory and vomited almost everything he ate for lunch. He was not looking good this time. His eyes were red and skin is flushed. We both took the medication and waited for it to effect. After a few minutes, dad's symptoms were subsiding but mine was worsening. After an hour, I vomited again, this time it was about 500 cc. I felt I was running out of air and literally weak. I rested and observed. After 3 long hours my symptoms subsided. Thank God! Lesson learned: Follow your instincts and don't push yourself to the limits. From now on, if I felt there's something wrong, I would stop and do away with it.

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