Sunday, June 14, 2009


Last friday was a blast! I watched the show at Central Bank. I must say Marissa Sanchez is one hell of a singer!!! She's better than any other singer wannabees in the music industry. I wonder why she wasn't given that much break in the world of music. She's a total performer, she can sing, dance and makes people laugh. Eric Santos, on the other hand, balanced the show as he was singing pop songs. I am a big fan of him. His simplicity just exudes of what he really is a performer and a person. He definitely captured the heart of the ladies in the audience and also the mothers as he dedicated one song for them. But the show won't be a total blast if the Stand-up comedy diva would not be around to make "okray" the audience. Vice ganda is undeniably the best and the most intelligent stand-up comedian. She is very articulate, well versed and smart. She thinks so fast that there was no dull moment with her. Vice can also sing, and she has a beautiful voice too! Very talented indeed!

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