Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Glass Art at its Finest

I have always been fascinated with arts. For me, it is a form of self expression. I love to visit galleries featuring the works of famous local artists. In college, most of the time I stayed in the Arts and Literature section of our university's library. I spent hours and hours looking into the pictures of the different paintings and other architectural works of the medieval times. I basically love to draw and am somehow fond of music and love to dance, so obviously my artistic side sort of dominates my personality. I observed once a sculpture showdown were in they used different mediums such as ice, stone and wood. In one of our field trips we had in school, I was able to try molding a pot with the use of clay. Though mine was not that good looking but the experience I got is all worth it. But there is just one art that I would at least like to observe on and its not very common here in our country and the glass making or glass art. I've seen many demonstrations over You Tube and I love to really witness an actual glass blowing session. There only one person that I can really associate with glass art and that is Dino Rosin. He has this amazing site that displays amazing work of art. You can also place your orders online if you're interested to own one of his superbly designed glass arts. And, for those who want to see his works upclose and personal, Dino Rosin's works has graced numerous galleries all around United States.


DOLLY said...

Glass art. I'm definitely fascinated by it, too, Weng. In fact, my dream house is glass-walled. :)

Pearl said...

I love glass arts as well. I even collect bottles in my house and plan to fix it up with a little pain.

But I can not imagine my house with glass walls. One reason: paranoid of inviting peeping eyes both living and paranormal.

love your blog by the way.