Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Suit Your Style

Dressing up is my day to day objective. All through my life, I have wanted to look good in front of everybody. I persuade my mom to buy me skinny jeans and off-shoulder blouses when I was in elementary as this was a fad then. In high school, I would save my allowance for the week to buy bootleg jeans or hooded shirts. When I was in college, I have this compulsion to go to every sale there is in the malls and factory outlets. Now, that I am working, I am all the more inclined to shopping as I am earning my own money. But, this time, I'm a wise shopper and not a compulsive shopper anymore. I always see to it that I get my money's worth in every item that I buy. I look at every detail, quality before going to the cashier. In shopping, I only go for trusted brands so as to get the feel of an authentic dress. One of the trusted brands I would say gave me so much happiness is AMIClubwear. From the first time I checked this amazing site until now, I always get the designer clothes I wanted. Just recently, AMI is giving away a $300 gift certificate as a way of saying thank you for their supporters who check their site over you tube. So calling all fashionista out there, read on AMI clubwear's official contest rules and get a chance to win the cash gift. Are you game? I am!


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LIZZIE said...

When it comes to contests, I'm always game! Haha.. *^_~*

Dear, need comment at this blog post http://chazlizone.blogspot.com/2009/05/i-want-to-talk-about-mcdonalds-today_30.html for me to be eligible for contest entry.. *^_^*