Saturday, May 23, 2009

Understanding Islam

The last patient we had in the recovery room is an Islam. I get to ask him of the many cultures and traditions that they have. I came to know that they too has their own version of the rosary or the prayer beads. I also learned that Islamic women, by tradition, starts to wear veils and go on fasting as early as 7 years old. Its a nice feeling that I was able to get out of the stigma that Muslims and Christians can never go along. Our patient shared his experiences in their place and according to him, Christians and Muslims coexist harmoniously in their place. It has been nice having him as our patient, I personally learned many things from him.


Handycrafts said...

I agree the tolerances of Religion.
great your articles.

Arya said...

Thanks for share this post, ate.
Actually, Islam teach me and my family and also many muslims to respect each other, eventhough we have different faith. In my country we are living side by side among others.
But, Islam image has broken after the terrorism issues has developed. Then stigma that Islam means terrorism come to surface.
For me and perhaps for all muslims just like spotting a black ink into a bucket of milk, and then it goes black and not white as milk color anymore.
Thanks once again.

LIZZIE said...


I have many Christian friends and I feel comfortable near them. In fact, I sometimes trust my Christian friends more than my own Muslim friends. It all depends on the individuals themselves. It doesn't matter what religion u are as long as u have a good heart, people will love u..

There's not much difference in Christian, Islam and Jew.. If only we can agree with each other, the world would be a better place.

zisya said...

That not one religion, but human beings. and often use religion as a shield for himself