Friday, May 8, 2009

Too Loud!!!!

I am honestly adjusting with my life right now, having to live in our new home that is quite far away from my parent's home. I have to deal with the distance as it would take me 30 to 45 minutes travel from the downtown and in addition is the Subdivision where our house is located doesn't seem to have a friendly neighborhood. One problem that my husband and I experience almost everyday is the annoying sound of some huge dogs that our neighbor has. Their barks literally make the glasses of our windows shake and we can barely here the television if the 3 of them barks altogether. In addition, these dogs smell pretty bad too and it is so infuriating that our neighbor placed the dog cage opposite to our kitchen wall. Sometimes I resented my husband for buying a house and lot in that subdivision. I am personally looking for ways to eliminate this problem without offending our neighbors. I encountered this one article on Home Soundproofing Technology and was so glad to have found a solution to our problem. According to the article the soundproofing treatment has many beneficial effects on our home asides from the fact that this treatment eliminates noises from the outside, it also includes a protection from potential allergens, maintaining moisture and controlling the humidity inside the house. I guess this is the best solution there is for such a big problem like ours.

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