Friday, May 8, 2009

My Dream Garden

Hopefully when our garage is done, our next project will be our garden. I want is landscape into a beautiful, serene Japanese style garden. Why Japanese? I just love the way they put all the green plants altogether making it a refreshing garden that would surely give you a peace of mind and a sound and healthy way of thinking. In addition, Japanese garden would need a less maintenance once everything is put into place. They key here is to find the right plants to put into the garden. In doing so, we really need the help of the experts in landscaping. I read on some of the famous landscapers in the United States just to have an idea on how to go about with this project of ours. Above all, I personally was fascinated with the brilliant ideas of the Washington Landscaper. According to them their expertise and reputation in this industry speaks of the quality service they offer to the clients. Moreover, the company ensures an elegant lawn with the finest plants and a continuous service through follow-up plant fertilizer treatment and other plant and garden maintaining services. One thing that made me admire this company is that they give justice to what they are being paid for and they don't the money in between their client-company relationship.

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Liz said...

After reading your post I want a Japanese garden. I have so much work to do in my garden I cant finish it all .