Friday, May 29, 2009

Cars! Cars! Cars!

I have always been fascinated with cars. I know its unusual for girls to have cars as their fetish but that is who I am. When I was young, I used to play a role of a girl driving my own car with my friends as my passengers during our play session. Then when I was in sixth grade I forced my cousins to teach me how to drive a real car! Whew! That was an experience I would never ever forget. I was having a tachycardia the whole night and I could still feel my heart beating so fast after I woke up the next morning. From then on, I am more convinced that I would soon drive my own car in no time. High school days were the highlights of my driving career, my friend and I would sneek out her parent's car and drove it down to a quite place in the subdivision and practice driving the whole afternoon! In college, I get to drive my dad's jeep to the downtown and basically anywhere I wanted, and just last 2 years ago, my parent's gave me car of my own. Still not convinced that I'm a car enthusiast? Here's more.... If some of the ladies like me would surf the net for some latest trend in fashion, I would rather go to websites that features elegant, hi-class, state-of-the-art cars. I've seen lots of reviews about cars and I like the BMW videos the most. Actually, BMW is my ultimate dream! I also happened to check on the Honda videos as their CRV series interest me a lot. Just recently, after we arrived from Hong Kong, where I first saw a real jaguar, I checked out their Jaguar videos and was amazed with the car's performance. To all of you guys who are fond of cars, just like me... I bet you would enjoy these amazing website just like i did!

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