Sunday, May 17, 2009

Is it meant to be?

Yesterday, mom and I went to GMALL to look for a new cellphone. I found one that I really really like but it was out of stock. Good thing also that I didn't have a cash with me so I am not tempted to look for other cellphone models. According to the saleslady the phone will be available the next day. So i said ok and will come back tomorrow.
I went back to the store this afternoon, this time with my hubby and they told me that the stock will be available by 3pm. So went down the ground floor first to withdraw some cash but to no avail, the machine was out of order. Arrrggghh!!! We had our lunch at KFC and went back to the store at around 3:30pm. When we arrived, the stock did not arrived. Was bad trip! I was move to think that maybe, just maybe the cellphone I'm eyeing for is not meant for me. Well, I'm still pushing my luck tomorrow. If it doesn't turn out well, then it is not really meant to be.

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benchiegrace said...

hehe...unsa imu paliton te? gnina palit unta pud ko fone..kaso wala pa dw mag unbreak sa code...balik na lang dw tom...basi pareha ta paliton ha...hehehe