Monday, February 16, 2009

Optical Works from Zenni

I practically grew up in the eyeglass business. My mother used to work in one of the biggest eyeglasses supplier in Davao City. For some trivia, I was named after a known eyeglasses brand in the 80's. When I was in 5th grade, had my eyes checked and found out that I have a slight visual problem and has to wear glasses. Had my first pair of glasses and consistently wore them for 1 and a half year. Had my eye checked once again and the ophthalmologist told me that my problem has been corrected and I need not wear glasses anymore! Now that I am older, I gradually notice some changes in my vision. I now have difficulty seeing letters and numbers from afar. I need squint in order to focus my vision and I do feel frequent headaches already. I know this is a sign that I have to wear glasses again. I search over the net to look for the latest trends yet very affordable eyeglasses there is in the market, I encountered Zenni Optical and so lucky to found out that they offers a wide selection eyeglasses frames and different kinds of lenses. And not only that, when I checked on their prices, they are amazingly affordable and very customer-budget friendly. So, I grabbed every opportunity to check on their latest design and here is what i like best.

For me, this glasses is very classic. It is subtle looking yet very stylish. It also comes in different frame colors such as silver, gold, brown, pink and black. This glasses is perfectly match for both my uniform and scrubsuits. Want to know more of this products? Visit and check their website and you will see the eyeglasses with such high quality yet pocket friendly. New York times would not be talking about this if it is not one of the best!

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