Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My All Time Favorite!!!

The sun was so high and it was "oven-hot" inside our house. I got so bored and uncomfortable that I invited my friend jing to go with me to SM for some window shopping and food tripping. I picked her up at a shell station nearby then off we go. We arrived at around 3 pm and decided to eat first before heading the boutiques and other stores. I was hungry since I only had a brunch and that was at around 9:30 am. I decided not to cook lunch since I will be going to SM anyways. I suggest to jing that if it's ok for her to eat at KFC and without any hesitations, she agreed. I ordered my all time favorite KFC ZINGER MEAL. Hmmmm.... YummY! I munched on it rightaway even if Jing is still at the counter placing her order! I just couldn't resist the Zinger! I dont know if you'll agree with me, but it is the best burger so far!

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