Friday, February 6, 2009

Anime Mania

I was always fascinated with cartoons especially anime. Grewing up with 2 brothers, I was at first forced to watch these cartoons but eventually I learned to love it. I was impressed with the way they draw the characters and how they put life in it. It is simply brilliant how the artist and the editor incorporated dialogues into a particular character. Moreover, the stories, either realistic or out of this world imaginary scenario, viewers tends to religiously follow each scene, from the first season to the last season, series by series, volume per volume. Anime fanatics keep track of their fave series in TVs, VCDs or in the internet. In line with this anime, is not only for boys, even girls are inclined to these stuffs nowadays. Thus, i am more surprised when i overheard a group of men, on thier late 20s to early 30s, with corporate looks, seriously having thier discussion, only to find out they were conferring about a certain anime and how they chase the events of it.
Now that my brothers and I live apart, i miss the anime discussions we had, so i tried to surf the net for some anime updates and news and I came across with this amazing Free Anime Chat wherein anime lovers can meet up with another anime fans. I instantly clicked on this site and met new friends.
So anime lovers out there, if you're looking for someone who shares the same passion as you do, try this new incredible site and you see it for yourself!

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