Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Addicted to Scents

I could never go wrong with a bottle of perfume. Even if I don't have a my powder or my make up kit with me but I have my perfume, I'm off to go!. I just have this thinking that if I smell good, I feel clean and confident. The type of perfume I wear somehow expresses what mood I am in. I also considered perfumes as my best friend. When I feel down, I use scents with a fruity touch to fire up my spirit and if I'm feeling romantic, I use floral scents further set my mood.
My passion for different scents moved me to look for designer perfumes in the market. I specifically checked on Burberry scents because I think they are the best. The Burberry perfumes are so elegant from the packaging itself to the bottle content. My other favorite includes Clinique's Happy Heart and Lacoste's Touch of Pink. Since my husband and I will be celebrating our 2nd month together, I also checked online for a perfume gift set for him and I found Tommy Hilfiger's collection very promising and somehow fits his fresh, athletic personality. I guess I'm so lucky to check into Fragrance Online.Com because all the scents I have been looking for is there. The site not only sells designer perfumes but also skincare and hair care products at a cheaper cost. You think its amazing? Check it out!

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