Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Truth about Life.

Just got a bad news. The pt. we've been caring for just passed away. The news came to me as an eye opener. Indeed you'll never know when our time here on earth will end. Last night, our patient was just as hyper as a well person except that she has breathing tube to assist her breathing since she has got out of the operating room. When we left the unit this morning, she was kinda restless but still with good sensorium. This afternoon, when I was about to leave for my duty, my collegue texted to inform that the patient arrested and they are still reviving her. I could not believe what i had read. Few minutes later, another text came in... Our patient died. I was shocked. Could not believe. In denial. Realization sets in... If it's our time to go, no amount of medical interventions can stop it. The best we can do is to spread love and live as if there is no tomorrow. Time flies so fast, lest's live life to the fullest.

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