Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sleep Deprived! ZZZzzzzzz...

I feel so exhausted after having a toxic night duty. Because of this, i was curious to look into some articles over the net about the effects of sleep deprivation. According to the source, one who lacks sleep and has been deprived of sleep can have serious effects of ones health. It most of the time impairs the ability to think and handle stress!.... Hmmm... maybe that explains why i get so cranky all the time. In addition, it was written there that without adequate rest,our brain's activity to function quickly deteriorates!!!!. OH NO!!!! This may impair my memory and ability to concentrate. Worst of all, sleep deprivation may lead to some other effects like hypertension, heart disease, depression and slow reaction times... What would i do then? Can't sleep on duty all the time? I guess as nurses, sleep deprivation is one risk we all have to take.

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