Thursday, October 9, 2008


In early June we, a group of nurses was invited to dance for the Department of Health Convention which was supposedly to take place last July. When the date drew nearer, the DOH announced that the convention be move to September. When September came, they again announced that the convention be move to October. This time we thought this was for real. We already bought tights and leotard plus furs for our costumes as we are going to do an excerpt from the catz musical. We also had series of practices already.Little did we know, our travel order was not approved by the heads. I just got a text from my co-nurses that only 5 are allowed to join the convention and they have already decided who will go. This news gave me a big slap on the face!!! We are not going! after all the practices and expenses! we are not going! I mean many things have been sacrificed. Me and my friend were supposed to go to malaysia but we prioritized the dance. Grrrr... I pitied my co-nurses who will be going to manila for the first time. I think we ought to know the reason why is this so... We need explanation... some valid explanation.

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