Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Assumption Parish Pop Choir @ The ABS-CBN TV Mass

Last October 11, 2008, The Assumption Parish Pop Choir was invited to sing for the ABS-CBN Davao Sunday TV Mass. The group was already at the said tv station an hour prior to the taping. Of course everbody was excited as they will be appearing on tv for the first time. Since we arrived early, we got to see how the studio transformed from a tv newsroom to an altar for the mass. We were amazed how the set looks big on tv well infact the studio is just a n average room size. The studio was extremely cold to the point that we asked if they could possibly increase the temperature. They said ok. Minutes past, the studio was still freezingly cold and there's no way to talk to the personnel since the mass is about to start. To cut the story short, the mass went on smoothly with our flesh and bones shivering.

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DoLLY said...

If I were there, the ABS-CBN staff would have no choice but to increase the temperature more! Hehe! Kidding!

Go, go, Pop C! I've always been proud of you, guys! You're the family who made me realize that there's joy in very simple things.

Ah! Perhaps, one of these days, I'll also share my Pop C experiences that have remained in my heart all these years.