Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tummy Trimming

I can't deny the fact that I getting bigger and bigger. One thing that can prove it is that my old uniform, which was a bit loose when I had it made, now fits snugly but not too tightly yet. I need to get into some physical activities to get me to move around and exercise my once average body built.

Here's some professional tip I got.

It's just a fact of life that pounds will creep up on you with every passing year. Starting around age 40, most people start gaining about a pound per year. It's sad but true. By the time you're 60 years old you'll more than likely be carrying around at least an extra 20 pounds of weight that can add to any health problems you might be having such as heart disease or diabetes.

I'm going to give you a list tummy trimming tips and ideas that will help you keep that unwanted unnecessary weight off for years to come.

1.Start pumping iron. They're very few things that fight fat like strength training with actual weights. It helps to increase muscle tissue and also strengthens bones and over the course of years this will also help you to slow down or prevent more weight gain.

2.Reduce stress. Stress is a leading contributor to weight gain. A lot of people deal with stress by eating comfort foods and really pay no attention to what they're eating when they're stressed. Before you know it, you've gained 10 pounds real quick and that stresses you out even more. Relieve stress in other ways, such as more exercise, meditation, or massages.

3.Step on a scale. There's probably no better reminder to watch your weight than simply stepping on a scale to see if you've lost or gained weight.

4.Eat mindfully. Focus on eating healthy and cutting out foods that you know will cause you to gain weight. Simply add more fruits and vegetables to your diet and you'll see quick results.

5.Become more active. Get up and move around more. Try to do less sitting work and do more work and activities that will cause you to be active.

6.Push yourself at the gym. Constantly set new goals and reach for them by pushing yourself harder at the gym. Lift more, run more, just try to do more.

7.Swim more. Swimming is a great exercise to lose total body fat because it uses almost all of your large muscle groups and this will cause you to lose tummy fat through metabolism.

8.Pilates. Pilates focuses on strengthening your core which involves your tummy. This is a no brainer because it also helps keep you flexible as well.

9.Cut your calories. Remember, unused calories will turn in to flab, so every chance you get, reduce the amount of calories that you eat. Switch to "lite" or "low fat" versions of as many of your favorite foods as you can.

10.Go get some sleep. Really, you need sleep to rejuvenate your body. This is also when you'll experience your muscle growth and the benefits of an increased metabolism by exercising, so be sure to get 7-8 hours of sleep every night.

There you go. This is advice that will last years in helping you to keep your tummy slim and trim. Start adding these tips to your daily life and watching your tummy start shrinking this week!

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