Thursday, April 23, 2009

Are You Safe?

Last tuesday, when my architect friend visited our home, she had so many comments and suggestions to almost everything in the house. According to her, we need to put some necessary precautionary measures to ensure our safety when we are inside the house and the house's safety when nobody is around. First thing that we need to do is to make sure that our doors are strong enough to withstand any pressure and that to have a good set of locksets that are not easily tampered. We need to have door limiters and security mirrors to help identify people before entering the house. For additional information i checked into the internet and read on this very informative Home Security Blog. In the blog I learned that I can also protect our home with some low cost home security improvements. One of the most applicable tip was making our home appear that someone is always home. Since both of us are working and most of the time we arrived home late at night, we need to make it appear that someone is inside the house like we turned on the living room light and the bedroom light before leaving the house in the morning. Also we planned on buying motion and heat sensing lights as what the home security blog suggested in order to scar the burglars and other intruders from our home. For more of these home security tips, check out their sites and be informed!

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