Friday, April 3, 2009


Last night after our 3-11 duty, ate karen, james, jing and I went to kasagingan for a much needed break. Since we would not want to stay up the rest of the night, ate ka, james and jing orderd hot choco mallows and I, pineapple orange juice. For our desserts, I ordered my favorite Maruya Supreme, ate karen with Banana Crumble and Jing, Chocolate karo cake. As ever, I enjoyed munching on the banana. When I tasted Jing's chocolate karo cake, it tasted different from the last time I ordered it. I thought it has some foul after taste. We immediately call the attention of the waiter and cashier to check if the cake really taste that way. Minutes after, the waiter came back with the cake, according to him, the cake really tastes way, but we would not want to risk eating the cake, we told the waiter not to serve the cake anymore. After sometime, the waiter came back asking us if we want to order another cake in place of the chocolate karo cake, we said yes. Jing got the oreo cheesecake instead. The cake somehow taste a little bit salty but much much better than the choco karo cake's aftertaste. We left the place at around 1:15 in the morning with a lesson learned. Never take anything if you are in a doubt, there's no harm in questioning the product, afterall costumers are always right.

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