Sunday, November 30, 2008

Friends for Life

Last thursday, i had a date with my fellow organists. We had some desserts at Kasagingan, just along F. Torres St. Grace coached me as to how to improve my site and how to go about with blogging. I realize there is really more to blogging and not just merely posting. Thanks Grace! Now I'm learning.... Joy, on the hand, catched up with us after her choir practice. We really missed her company since she went to manila for a few months training. That night would have been complete if our friend Kay is there but unfortunately due to here delicate pregnancy(she carrying our twin inaanak!) she couldn't make it. It was really a heartwarming night being with friends very dear to you. To Joy and Grace.... Cheers to our friendship!

Grabbed this pic from Grace...

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D said...

Kagwapa sa akong mga batchmates and classmate! :D