Thursday, February 11, 2010


Early this morning I received a phone call from one of our househelp who looked after our grandmother in the ICU. She told me that our "lola" passed away at around 5:45 am. In a way it was a relief knowing that she would not be suffering any longer because she has been in the ICU for almost 3 weeks now. Watching her in distress is very agonizing to our family. She has been a fighter of diabetes and hypertension for the longest period of time. It was until last december when she had a minor stroke. The incident caused here system to crashed and slowly deteriorate. Seeing her not recognizing our name was a conclusion that lola is slowly fading away. I would like to recall my fondest memory with her during the times when she taught me how to play the piano the classical way. You see, I was not the ideal student she ever had. I had a difficult time shifting to classical, so she gave me an assignment to work on. During the times that I would not show up for classes, she would call my attention and ask how was i doing with the musical pieces she gave. All I ever said was, "Im still working on it la..." Then there came a time that I was so busy with schools and other stuffs that I never had the time for her tutorials. She never resented. During this time I playing for the church masses already. I can see that she was very proud of me as she would close her eyes while I was playing the organ. Lola was also very thoughtful as she would always give us something for christmas. I always got a blouse from her, very cute blouse... I guess it is from her that Cindy, my cousing, got her sense in fashion. Lola may not be my blood-related lola but she sure was there during my growing up years giving me inspiration. Good bye lola.... thank you for putting music into our lives.

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