Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Lady in Yellow

The news of President Cory's demise did not shocked me because as we all know she has been suffering from cancer to quite sometime now. What shocked me was the number of people who believed in her and paid tribute to her. Indeed she was the woman with the big heart. Her love for the Filipino people was incomparable, her devotion to the blessed mother is unfailing. She must have been a very good person, a very good mother, a very good leader to deserve all of the credits she is receiving right now. Lots and lots of people are stretching their patience out in falling in line just to have a glimpse of this amazing lady. Personally, I admire her courage and faith. She may only be a housewife and a mother but she surely took care of the Filipino people and deliver them to freedom. I salute you President Cory for a job well done and thank you for standing by the filipino. We, Filipinos will always be grateful for what you have accomplish.

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