Saturday, July 25, 2009

Life's realizations

I am feeling down and could not believe what i have just witnessed. My friend's son was afflicted with dengue. Last sunday she admitted his son in the hospital where are currently employed. We never thought that this illness would lead into something very serious. Last wednesday, his son was transferred to PICU because his condition worsen. We came to see the boy last thursday and obviously he was not in condition but he managed to respond to every question we asked him. A very good boy indeed. Friday morning, my friend decided to transfer his son to a private hospital. When they arrived, it was known that his condition was far worst than what everybody expected. They had him intubated because the child has difficulty of breathing. They tried to hook him to the mechanical ventilator but his weak body could not tolerate it anymore. They settled for continuous ambubagging just to for oxygen into his body. I went to see Christian for the second time this afternoon. From what I saw last thursday to the boy in front of me, I could not believe that a single mosquito bite would lead into something fatal. Christian was now struggling for his life. A few minutes passed, the checked his blood pressure and it was extremely low. His heart rate was slowly going down until the PICU nurses could not hear anything. Residents and Christian's attending physician tried to resucitate him. After sometime, his heart started to beat again. We were again hopeful that he would get through. Not another minute passed, Christian had his second arrest. This time my friend decided to stop the resucitation. They already let Christian go. Sad but a very brave decision for a mother to do. My friend doesn't want her son to suffer anymore. Everybody in the room was crying, I was not... I don't know why, I just felt the need to be strong... I realized that death is inevitable and it can come to anybody anytime. I think we should really make the most out of everything while we have the chance to do so. Let our loved ones know that we love them, learn to forgive and ask for forgiveness. We only have one life to live.... have we ask ourselves.... How are we living it?

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